Lipoloss is a none surgical lipo laser clinic covering the Manchester and the North West area.

We are specialists in this exclusive, non-invasive treatment, offering you a quick way to lose inches and drop dress sizes.

lose inches at lipoloss With lipoloss lipo Laser Clinic you can expect:

* Fast, effective treatment * Instant results * Fully qualified therapists * Guaranteed results * Free parking*

Can be done in your lunch hour and we guarantee patient confidentiality!


Do you want to lose inches? Diet and exercise not enough? A typical client can expect to reduce an areanone surgical lipo treatment at the Lipoloss clinic by 1-2 dress sizes.

lipoloss is Non-invasive and credible alternative to liposuction with painless, Instant results. lipoloss has been featured and talked about in top magazines.

What is it? It is a machine that can break down fatty acids by the application of special laser treatment that renders the fat cell walls porous which subsequently get flushed from the body during the course of the bodies natural metabolic cycle.